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Organization Type: Social & Community Services
Address: Kingston, Ontario
Contact: Andrea Scullin

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Lasagna Love is a global nonprofit and grassroots movement that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. We also seek to eliminate stigmas associated with asking for help when it is needed most. Our mission is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities.

Our Mission
Lasagna Love was started at the beginning of the pandemic when the founder of Good to Mama was looking for a way to help moms in her community. She and her toddler started making and delivering meals to families in the neighborhood who were struggling, whether that struggle was financial, emotional, or simply a feeling of overwhelm.

Lasagna Love has since grown into an international movement, with thousands of people all cooking and delivering meals to families in their communities. What we do is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities. Our mission is not only to help address the incredible rise in food insecurity among families but also to provide a simple act of love and kindness during a time full of uncertainty and stress.

We are seeking Lasagna Chefs (LC)! What is a Lasagna Chef (LC)?
This is you, our wonderful team of volunteers who answer the call every week to provide meals to people who request. Sign up for a completely flexible volunteer opportunity that is done on your schedule. You can sign up to deliver one time or as often as you’d like!

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Wherever you turn, you can find someone who needs you. Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it. Remember, you don’t live in a world all of your own.
Albert Schweitzer

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