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The purpose of this study is to test how well a recently adapted healthy relationships and sexual assault education program (originally developed for university women) works for teen girls between the ages of 14 and 18 years old (who have not yet graduated high school). This program is designed to provide increase girls’ ability to detect danger cues when they are present in boys’ or men’s behaviour or in social situations, decrease the thoughts and feelings which might get in the way of girls acknowledging that the situation is risky, and provide information and skills to strengthen their ability to defend themselves verbally and physically against coercive boys and men. The program also provides information and activities for girls to explore their own sexual values and their right to protect their boundaries. When it was tested with young women ages 17-24, the program increased girls’ confidence and reduced victimization. The information you provide will help researchers to determine how well this program works, and if necessary, how the program can be improved. 
We are recruiting high school young women (14-18 years old) to participate in this study. This study is to test how well a healthy relationships and sexual assault education program works to empower young women. This study is open to all self-identified girls and young women of any sexual identity. You do not need to have dating or sexual experience to participate. To sign up or gain more information please contact us at: Text: (343) 312-6689 Email: 

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