Volunteer Management – Recruitment, Retention, Recognition

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Volunteer Management

Volunteer management is about ensuring that the organization benefits as much as possible from volunteer involvement and that the volunteer benefits by being part of it.

Management, in general, can be described as making the most effective and efficient use of resources in order to achieve your goals.

Introduction to Volunteer Management

Each volunteer-involving organization should aim to have a volunteer management program suitable to its own needs. Learn how to make a program that is detailed enough to explain why volunteers are involved and how tasks are managed within your organization.

Topics covered:

• Valuing the Role of Volunteers

• Defining Rules and Expectations

• Developing Volunteer Management Skills

Attracting and Recruiting Volunteers

Volunteers are an incredible resource for nonprofits. Often, they are the main workforce driving nonprofit events and programs.

A volunteer recruitment strategy plays the crucial role of tying together all of your outreach and marketing efforts for upcoming projects. With a top-down plan for attracting and securing the support of volunteers, you’ll save your team’s time and ultimately build a more impactful program.

Topics covered:

• Creating Clear Assignments

• Developing a Recruitment Strategy

• Volunteer Selection Process

Support and Supervision

A good volunteer coordinator knows that supervision fosters volunteer satisfaction and improves retention rates. By providing the necessary training, support and follow-up, your organization will equip volunteers to accomplish their tasks more effectively and independently.

Topics covered:

• Orientation and Training

• Team Building

• Dealing with Problems

• Evaluation and Feedback


Volunteer Management Plan Guideline – creating a strategic volunteer management plan can help your organization to fulfill and drive your mission. Allow your organization to build engagement into your plan, understand the needs of your volunteers, look for trends and optimization opportunities in your volunteer data, and recruit with intent.


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